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Online Courses

Rituals of Meditation and Mindfulness


September 23rd - November 11th

Investment: $108

This 8 week online series begin on the Fall equinox which is the perfect to drop into new rituals and rhythms for the darker months. 


In this series you will be given the tools to drop out of your mind, explore your hearts wisdom, and nourish your intuition.
Learn how to create sacred space and rituals in your daily life. Connect to your mind, heart and Spirit to gain a deeper knowledge of your true self to cultivate peace, vitality and radiance in your life. 


What topics will be covered?

  • Week 1 - Breath, creating ritual and sacred space

  • Week 2 - Mind, heart, spirit

  • Week 3 - Gratitude

  • Week 4 - Softening to Experiences

  • Week 5 - Reciprocity

  • Week 6 - Integrating Mindfulness

  • Week 7 - Just Sit

  • Week 8 - Transformation

What will you receive each week?

  • 20 minute recorded meditation

  • Readings via PDF format with background information to help you connect more deeply to your true self and have a greater spaciousness for ethereal consciousness when listening to the meditation.

  • Email check ins with me to answer any questions or talk about any experiences you may have

Registration is now open for this offering and closes Saturday, September 21st at midnight.

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